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Military Rule 1948-1966


School children at the ceremony of transferring Tira to Israeli control, May 7, 1950. Photo: Fritz Cohen, GPO

From May 1948 to December 1966, Israel imposed a harsh Military Rule on most of its Palestinian citizens. While portrayed as a security imperative, it served as a means of controlling and monitoring Palestinian society while maintaining Jewish supremacy. This collection provides a window into a time in Israeli history largely erased from collective memory.



Plan Mole


Akevot Institute

Recently unsealed records from the Kafr Qasim Massacre Trial (1957-1958) contain closed-door testimonies that reveal new information about Plan Mole, which provided the backdrop for the massacre and has been banned from publication, or even mention. We now provide access to these records, which help paint a comprehensive picture of the plan to forcibly displace Triangle-area Palestinians, Israeli citizens, from their homes.

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